For Michael, there was never a choice to be a musician. Being raised by an active musician father, having an uncle who is a well-known classical guitarist, and being surrounded by a family constantly singing, humming, or making some kind of melody almost forces one’s hand.


Michael’s first attempts to create and perform music began in grade school, when he and his neighborhood friends would use his father’s equipment to pound out what can only be described as an "awful noise."


Having learned to play the guitar, Michael formed alternative-rock band "Eden," which met with a warm reception and was named "Cleveland Music Festival #1 Rock Act" in 2000.  After Eden dissolved in 2003, Michael met with three Akron-based musicians and formed "Stereovox," which released its debut album in 2007 and is still actively playing shows today.


Michael received the call to become a Beatle in the fall of 2005. Frank Muratore, "Paul" in Hard Day’s Night, was confident in Michael’s abilities and encouraged the move. Michael played his first show with the band as John Lennon on December 8, 2005, the 25th anniversary of the famous Beatle’s tragic death. “Filling such monumental shoes is not at all easy” says Michael.  “The task was overwhelming at first, things slowly settled down, and it all fell into place.” 


Today, Muratore enjoys the opportunity to share his love with music, especially Beatles music, with fans of all ages across the country. He also enjoys the unique opportunity to share the stage with his father, forming what has to be the only father/son Paul/John combo in all of Beatledom!