Frank was born in a musical family, be it his mother’s constant singing or his brother’s accomplishments on classical guitar he was always surrounded by music.  Frank had an early introduction to rock in roll from the family radio, listening to the pioneers Chuck Berry, Ricky Nelson, and the Everly Brothers.


Frank's first introduction to the Beatles was in January of 1964 when he and his brothers watched the up and coming group on the Jack Parr Show.  Despite thinking that they looked strange the brothers ran out and purchased the first Beatles record and were totally hooked by the time the group appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show a month later.


Later that spring as a fifth grader Frank formed what may have been the first Beatles tribute band, called The Jr. Beatles.  Using brooms and yardsticks, the “group” pantomimed along with Beatles records to entertain their classmates.   Frank of course played Paul.


After playing several instruments in high school, and forming a rock band with his brother, Frank has performed in several professional groups through college and after.


In 1996, Frank joined Hard Day’s Night to fulfill his dream to one day be a Beatle, and has had a "fab" time ever since.  Despite being a naturally right handed guitar player Frank taught himself to play the bass left handed- offering a more accurate visual representation of Paul McCartney.


"One of the greatest benefits of being in this band," says Frank, "has been the influence on my children, who have become Beatles fans themselves." So much so that Frank’s son Michael began working with his father to learn and perfect the John Lennon sound and has been filling that roll in Hard Day’s Night since 2006.  "It’s true that the Beatles are that rare cultural event, one that can be shared by several generations. It’s a total family experience."