Patrick’s mother made a scrapbook entry for him at age 2 that was rather prophetic. “I don’t know where you get all the rhythm from but you can make music out of anything”. His favorite toy was playing the pots and pans with wooden spoons. His first toy drum set was at age 4. At age 12, his mother came home with the greatest present he ever received, a 1969 Black Oyster Ludwig drumset (like Ringo’s) that he still owns to this day. He loved the Beatles as long as he can remember. “Every birthday and Christmas I would get a new Beatles album. They were pretty much the only band that was important to me.”


Having played percussion in marching band and symphonic band in high school, he joined his first rock band called The Mersey Beats in Cleveland, Ohio. Patrick then joined his first Beatles tribute band BackBeat in 2006. He met Frank Muratore through a mutual friend and was asked to join Hard Day’s Night in 2012. He takes pride in playing the Beatles songs exactly as Ringo played them. “I have such fun playing those songs. I could never ever get tired of it”.