Al Francis discovered his passion for drumming at the tender age of two, tapping away on various household items while his father played the keyboard or strummed a guitar nearby, all with his mother's enthusiastic support. He was also captivated by shows like Thomas the Tank Engine and Shining Time Station, which hinted at his future musical inclinations. At three, his father introduced him to bootleg recordings of The Beatles, cleverly dubbing it as "Mr. Conductor's old band," with Mr. C being the drummer. This moment sparked Al's lifelong love affair with music and the Beatles!


After improvising on makeshift drums for a few years, Al received his first full-size drum kit at age six, a gift that solidified his dedication to the craft. By thirteen, he had formed a band with close friends, performing at local events and venues in New Hampshire. Graduating high school at eighteen, a trip to Liverpool ignited his involvement in a Beatles tribute group, where he meticulously learned to play left-handed like Paul McCartney.


For nearly a decade, Al toured extensively with the tribute band across the Northeast and beyond, deepening his appreciation for The Beatles' music and live performances. Taking a hiatus from touring, he pursued education and humorously crafted a short-lived drum kit from toothpicks, hot glue, and tissue paper….


Al now embraces his role as the resident drummer of Hard Day’s Night, embodying the spirit of Ringo Starr with joy and enthusiasm. He relishes the opportunity to share his passion for The Beatles' timeless music with audiences alongside his fellow musicians.